In 1975, while traveling cross country, Al and Anne Killian visited a farmers and flea market. They loved the concept. Al, better know as “Big Al”, “Cuz”, “Killer” or “Big Daddy”, was a true entrepreneur. So after returning from their travels, he immediately started putting his plans into action. First he bought a 40 acre piece of land on Highway 301 and started constructing several large pole barns. People laughed at him and said he was going to have to put chickens in the sheds. However, several months later the Waldo Farmers and Flea Market was born.

In 1980 the Killian’s daughter, Sally and her husband, Steve purchased the flea market from her parents.  They expanded the market to 50 acres from the original 40 and also added a 20,000 square foot antique mall.

After more than 35 years, the flea market is still owned and operated by the Blakewoods. They boast over 900 dealers and 40,000 customers each weekend.