Are You Ready for National Farmers Market Week? 


Help Waldo Farmers and Flea Market celebrate                                                   National Farmers Market Week, August 6th-12th, 2017

  • Preserve America’s rural livelihoods and farmland. Farmers markets provide one of the only low-barrier entry points for beginning farmers, allowing them to start small, test the market, and grow their businesses. Farmers and Flea Markets are truly small business incubators!
  • Stimulate local economies. Did you know growers selling locally create 13 full time farm operator jobs per $1 million in revenue earned? Those that do not sell locally create only 3.
  • Increase access to fresh, nutritious food. Several studies have found lower prices for conventional and organic produce at farmers markets than at supermarkets.
  • Support healthy communities. Farmer’s market vendors educate their shoppers. Four out of five farmers selling at markets discuss farming practices with their customers, and three in five discuss nutrition and how to prepare food.
  • Promote sustainability. Three out of every four farmers selling at farmers markets say they use practices consistent with organic standards.
Farmers Markets Stimulate Local Economies Enticed by the festive sights, sounds, smells, and tastes, more and more people are choosing to shop for fresh, local foods sold at farmers markets. According to an impact study conducted by Civic Economics, locally owned retailers like farmers and flea markets return more than three times as much of their revenue to the local economy than do their corporate competitors. This means your farmers market purchases not only stock your pantry with healthy, fresh food, but also recycle money throughout your community, boosting economic activity and job creation. As the demand for fresh, local food continues to grow, farmers markets are being recognized as important retail anchors for economic commerce. The more than 8,000 markets across the nation are the driving impetus of consumer support for local farmers – while at the same time are creating opportunities for small businesses to stimulate local and regional economies. Markets are more than just a venue for fresh food and a friendly atmosphere; the revenue they generate helps your community prosper.

                     Are You Ready for National Farmers Market Week?