The Waldo Farmer’s and Flea Market will be holding its annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday April 15th. The free event, which has grown annually, is now in its tenth year. The Waldo Farmers and Flea Market sponsors the Easter egg and scavenger hunt for children 10 and younger as well as their families. This year’s event will feature over 3000 hidden plastic Easter eggs containing candy, scavenger hunt prizes and free gifts. Children are welcome to have free pictures taken with the Easter Bunny.

Last year over 300 children, led–of course–by the Easter Bunny; along with their families, paraded to the taped-off field which contained the eggs. Unique hiding places such as tires, barrels, palm fronds as well as hay and pine straw piles, provided the small challenges. The children could hardly wait to rush into the field grabbing the eggs while shouting out—upon finding their treasures.

Easter 2016 Collage
Within a half-hour, 2,800 eggs were gone!

The children who found scavenger hunt prizes in their eggs, (slips of paper containing a vendor-booth location), then began their quest throughout the market for more treasure, checking booths and receiving prizes.

One gold and one silver egg were hidden in the field. Children who found these eggs won a cash prize — $50 for the gold egg and $20 for the silver.

More than 300 children registered for the 2016 event, Sally Blakewood said. In the event’s first year, organizers only needed 800 eggs — in 2016 2800 this year we will be up over 3,000—which is the largest number eggs yet!!

“It just keeps getting bigger every year,” she said. “Every year we just keep adding eggs”.

One of the reasons for the events success, Sally Blakewood said, “is the flea market’s rural location”. “We get kids from all over, some a far away as 100 miles”.